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I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me.

Before I worked with you, I felt angry all the time and I didn’t know why. I felt like everything in my life was out of control and I didn’t know how to move forward. It was through working with you in our coaching sessions that I uncovered the reasons for my anger and was able to release it. Through it all, you taught me how to make good decisions for myself but you always ensured I came to the solution on my own. Everything you taught me was done in such a relatable manner that I could easily apply it to my life. Just by listening to me you seemed to know what it was I needed.

Now I have a much happier life. I set boundaries with the people in my life and I get along better than I ever have with my family and friends – even they have noticed the difference!

I’ll tell anyone who will listen that if they want to get their life back on track they should work with you! Thank you so much.

Deborah S.

I am leaving this Desire Map workshop with the strong belief that I can find that freedom and time for myself that will help me feel the way I want to again; serene, light and peaceful. I know I deserve it and I will get it.

Michaelle C.

I enjoyed learning about the core desired feelings concept at your Desire Map workshop and plan to use this to guide any future planning and decision making process. Thanks!

Alejandra V.

I feel connected to the ladies I shared my day with at the Desire Map workshop. Stacey made me feel at ease, relaxed and provided a beautiful space to explore myself. A trusted encounter with Stacey and the group. Thank you!

Amina M.

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