Roadmap to Rediscovery

A 5 Step Guide To Finding Your Way Back To You

Do you ever feel like

you are going through the motions, sleepwalking through life?

Well I have...

a couple of times actually.

Find out how

to get YOU back.

Several years ago I went to a business conference that I paid big money to attend. It was supposed to be inspirational, motivational and spur me on to “take on the world” in my business. But was that my experience? I couldn’t tell you; I didn’t leave my hotel room.

I couldn’t stand the thought of putting on a fake, smiling face one more time just to give everyone else the warm fuzzies.

I wasn’t going to pretend I cared about everyone else’s business for the weekend when I couldn’t muster the energy to care about my own.

And how the hell was I supposed to inspire others when I didn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning?

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So I hid. I hunkered down in the hotel room for the entire weekend desperately seeking solitude.

I was burned out, I felt empty inside and was incredibly lonely.

The weekend passed and I begrudgingly got on the plane to go home, not really want to.

**Side note: I have a quick ritual before take-off where I ask “the powers that be” to get us all home safely.**

That day, as I started my ritual, I said, “Oh, fuck it.” I couldn’t be bothered and I just didn’t care anymore. Well, that woke me up in a hurry! I put the questions to myself recognizing the signs of an eerily dark place I was in years before.

So, what did that mean? Did I want to die? No, of course not.

But I knew I had to make changes – fast. I could not go on feeling this miserable and I had to figure out how to feel better….but I didn’t have the first clue how to make that happen.

Usually, it’s easier for me to start from the place of what I don’t want rather than what I do…because, having tried to please others most of my life, I wasn’t too aware of what I needed back then.

But on that flight home, I was getting inklings bubbling up that I paid attention to:

I knew I was too busy trying not to upset others and do what was expected of me to take care of my own needs.
I wasn’t expressing my authentic self,
but wait… who was she, anyway?

I knew with everything I had there
was more to life than this.


I slowly put the pieces of me back together again.

I had been in this place a few times in my life but there was something different about it this time… I was on a mission to be my most authentic, true self that I could be. I had no idea where to start…so I took one small step, then another, then another. With every step I took, I made a bit of headway. And as I slowly inched forward filling in the pieces of the puzzle, new pieces showed themselves to me. I took each of those puzzle pieces as synchronicities from the Universe that I was on the right path.

Slowly rediscovering myself, I felt glimmers of hope. It was the Universe whispering, “Keep going…” so I kept moving ahead.

It’s been an amazing journey. Invariably empowering, sometimes agonizing, but absolutely always worth it. I would not change my path for the world because it has taught me so much. If I were to meet the person I was back then, I wouldn’t recognize her. I have re-designed every area of my life and the process continues…because it is never done, we are always evolving into the next version of ourselves.

The goal is to quiet yourself so that your soul voice can be heard.

I’m not claiming to know exactly what you need because every person’s path is different. But I can lay out the steps to rediscovery to help you on your journey to reclaim that lost part of yourself…to give you inspiration and a roadmap with the steps to take to help you find your own path.

We all have an internal GPS directing us to our true selves – but it needs to break its way through the external noise of our lives.

And when you listen to that voice, you will never be lost again.

So how do you get YOU back?

Send me my Roadmap To Rediscovery.