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When was the last time you…

Felt complete freedom in your life?
Created enough space to hear what your soul was saying?
Were brought to tears by your beautiful surroundings?
Gave yourself permission to let out your wild and sensual nature?
Did something just for you… for your mind, your body & your soul?

There’s a reason you’re here. Don’t doubt that.

A woman’s intuition is never wrong. And here’s what I know about you.

You are tired. You make doing things for those you love your religion.

You’ve noticed the older you get, the greater the feeling of discontent.

You wonder if it is ever going to be your turn.

And, if we’re really being honest with one another, sometimes you feel dead inside.

Sure, we all have those feelings at times. That’s life.

But that’s no excuse to settle for it on a daily basis when you don’t have to.

So what do you desire?

If it’s been so long since you asked yourself that that you have no idea anymore, I’ll give you a hint.

It’s that one thing you dream about doing, being or having but never have the nerve to tell anyone because you’re afraid of what people will think.

And that dream continues to live. Despite your best efforts to suppress it.

You know why? That’s your Soul talking to you.

And your Soul will never be denied.

You know with every part of you that life can’t just be about working to pay the bills until you die.

Isn’t it time to reclaim yourself?

The you hidden beneath years of being the “good girl” and not doing anything that makes you stand out too much.

Like most women, you miss her.

She’s still there – she’s been inside you all this time, waiting for you to let her out!

Believe me when I tell you, you don’t have to be afraid to hear what she has to say.

She’ll lead you home. She’s your true north.

I want you to feel the joy and freedom that comes from living from your Soul.

And that’s exactly what you’ll discover during your 7 days in Italy!

You will get fired up to strip away every should, can’t and must from your life and connect more deeply with who you really are, maybe for the first time ever.

This retreat is for every woman who ever dulled her vitality and brilliance, made herself smaller to appease others and swallowed her words because that’s what society has taught her to do for millennia.

You will reclaim your freedom, release your wild, sensual self and feel fulfilled because of it.

So what does freedom look like for you?

And more importantly, are you brave enough to claim it?

Why don’t you come to Italy with me in April and find out!
Stacey Broder

Come For…

The Support

You are going to
reclaim your freedom,
release your wild &
get fulfilled doing it.

The Scenery

A picturesque town
on the coast in Italy
that seems more like
a dream than reality.

The Adventure

Explore the cascading
streets and hidden gems
along the shoreline of this
iconic Italian paradise.

What’s Included?

Pretty much everything except airfare & spending money!

Enough talking Stacey!!

Give me the details!